“If I have made gold my hope,
Or said to fine gold, ‘You are my confidence
If I have rejoiced because my wealth was great,
And because my hand had gained much;
If I have observed the sun when it shines,
Or the moon moving in brightness,
So that my heart has been secretly enticed,
And my mouth has kissed my hand;
This also would be an iniquity deserving of judgment,
For I would have denied God who is above.
If I have rejoiced at the destruction of him who hated me,
Or lifted myself up when evil found him
Indeed I have not allowed my mouth to sin
By asking for a curse on his soul
If the men of my tent have not said,
‘Who is there that has not been satisfied with his meat?’
But no sojourner had to lodge in the street,
For I have opened my doors to the traveler
If I have covered my transgressions as Adam,
By hiding my iniquity in my bosom,
Because I feared the great multitude,
And dreaded the contempt of families,
So that I kept silence
And did not go out of the door—
Oh, that I had one to hear me!
Here is my mark.
Oh, that the Almighty would answer me,
That my Prosecutor had written a book!
Surely I would carry it on my shoulder,
And bind it on me like a crown;
I would declare to Him the number of my steps;
Like a prince I would approach Him.
If my land cries out against me,
And its furrows weep together;
If I have eaten its fruit without money,
Or caused its owners to lose their lives;
Then let thistles grow instead of wheat,
And weeds instead of barley.” Job 31:24-40